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Are black N95 and white N95 masks the same?

N95 masks are available in blue, gray, black and white, but most people wear white, especially medical workers, most of whom wear white and blue.

No matter what color, as long as it is an N95 black mask, its effect is the same, and when buying a mask, you must choose a regular manufacturer with complete qualification certificates, and the color can be selected according to your own preferences.

It is not recommended to wear black N95 masks under the new coronavirus pneumonia epidemic. Black masks are mostly due to the addition of activated carbon on the market. After activated carbon is added, the masks appear black N95. Activated carbon masks are mostly used for deodorant, dustproof and anti-irritating taste, and can be used in chemical factories, leather factories, daily dustproof, etc.

black N95 fashionable

N95 black masks have protective functions, but ordinary black disposable masks belong to ordinary protective masks, which can protect against particles and dust in the air, but have no protection against viruses and bacteria. Because the disposable mask has a two-layer structure, there is no filter layer of meltblown cloth in the middle, which has no effect on the protection of viruses and bacteria.

Therefore, whether it is for industrial use or medical use, it is recommended to use N95 masks, and black N95 masks are more fashionable.