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Can your masks be washed or can you reuse your different types of masks?

Many guys may doubt whether the masks especially the n95 respirators can be cleaned or washed. OK, just follow me and let me show you some tips about the masks which should be washed or not.

Disposable surgical masks can’t be washed or disinfected. We cannot even use high temperature to sterilize it again! This is just because disposable surgical masks is mainly composed of PP non-woven fabric and melt-blown filter layer. And the characteristics of non-woven fabric, especially the key characteristics of melt-blown filter layer, shall not be washed. If the water damage the material structure, it may cause great consequence — the function of filtering effect will be lost.

In addition, the washed disposable surgical masks can make the non-woven fluff. As a result, when wearing the masks, it can make polypropylene fiber enter the body through the respiratory tract and so as to do harm to our health beyond covid-19.

Disposable surgical masks, therefore, cannot be washed. The best use of time for disposable surgical masks is about 4 hours, the longest endurance should not exceed 8 hours.

N95 respirators is mainly compounded by electrostatic adsorption effect, so we cannot wash it once again!

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