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Are black N95 and white N95 masks the same?

N95 masks are available in blue, gray, black and white, but most people wear white, especially medical workers, most of whom wear white and blue. No matter what color, as long as it is an N95 black mask, its effect…

N95 Buying Guide N95 mask in United States

Where to buy authentic N95 masks online? With natural disasters, the coronavirus pandemic raging, and when cloth masks can no longer provide adequate protection, the website where to buy N95 mask whether for work needs or personal protection, people are…

How to choose your beloved mask or how to find your 3M masks online?

Economy type of N95 masks -- 8200, 8210, 8110S, 8210plus More comfortable N95 masks with breathing valve -- 8511, 8210V, 8211, 9211+ Folding portable N95 mask -- 9210+、9211+、9105、9105S R95 mask that can filter oil and particles at the same time -- 8240, 8246, 8247 The best oil-proof P95 mask -- 8271, 8576, 8577 The best protection of N100, P100 mask -- N100-8233, P100-8293