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San Huei United Company Ltd UNIAIR N95 NIOSH Masks

Now, San Huei owns over 40 N95 copyrights in accordance with CDC official website.

San Huei United Company, Ltd. was founded in 1980, and in the following years, the rapid growth helps to become one of the greatest mask manufacturers in Asia and San Huei N95 masks product can sell to up to 46 countries. As a minority in the world with international certification mask (such as the EN149:2001 and NIOSH).


They have a strong willingness to invest in quality improvement activities, and continue to invest to enhance production efficiency and improve product quality. Their test equipment includes the electron microscope, the latest submicron mask filtering effect test equipment, and related reliability assessment. At present, the production center has won the British BSI (British Standards Institution) of ISO – 9001 quality certification, ISO – 14001 environmental management certification, the latest version of the 2001 rules EN149:2001 masks product certification, American standard NIOSH N95 / N99 product certification, and the Australian AS1716 P1 / P2 product certification.


Now, San Huei owns over 40 N95 copyrights in accordance with CDC official website. And its mask brand can be also called “UNIAIR” in many online markets. And the main feature of its products is that all the designs of masks meets ergonomic standard which can easily match the goggles we wear and avoid the situation of fog.

In the end, more San Huei products can be found in our website, and we can make sure that our product is 100% genuine. So, do not hesitate and come and have a try!