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Best N95 masks for users with beards.

With the current epidemic sweeping North America, the NIOSH-approved N95 mask is a highly protective mask for ordinary users, which can filter 95% of airborne particles. Today let’s focus on this group ( people with beards)¬† and give them some advice of how to choose N95 masks and what they need to do before wearing N95 masks.

For safety reasons, OSHA does not recommend the for people with thick beards and face hair use highly airtight masks. Here are some suggestions for n95 users with different levels of facial hair.

  1. For those who have thick beards around the chin and face, it is recommended to change this habit during the epidemic. Develop regular cleaning of beards.
  2. For those who only grow a beard on the upper lip, wearing a mask is nothing to worry too much about. The n95 masks for this group is to choose cup shape N95 mask.

Top 1. Benehal MS6115L N95 Mask

This model features with adjustable nose pad for users to adjust and spacious room to breathe.

Top 2. YICHITA YQD8008 N95 Mask

This model meets ASTM F2100 Level. Soft inner material provides comfort

Top 3. Benehal MS6215 N95 Mask

This models provides wide space for the user at a economical price

Top 4. Makrite 9500-N95 NIOSH Surgical Mask

This model pass FDA 510K Cleared.

Top 5. Shining Star SS9001 N95 Mask

This model featured with friendly nose cushion inside helps to reduce the pressure during usage.