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Affordable and Comfortable NIOSH N95 Masks

Where can I find the affordable and comfortable mask with premium protection effect?

The Omicron variant has caused a spike in populated region like Hong Kong and Israel.

There’s a lot of information out there about which masks can actually help protect citizens from this new variant. Omicron is extremely contagious, more so than the original or Delta variants, so wearing a good mask is essential.

The best way to protect yourself from the Omicron strain is: keep washing your hands frequently, staying away from parades and gatherings, getting regular vaccinations and wearing protective face masks in daily life. Especially densely populated cities and cities with high infection rates, such as Hongkong. The best option for ordinary citizens in these areas is to complete vaccination and wear KN95 and N95 masks. Viruses are spread by aerosol particles in the air. N95 and KN95 offer at least 95 percent  filtering efficiency against airborne particles, so wearing these masks can greatly reduce the risk of infection. N95 and KN95 can be much more expensive than regular masks, so it is important to search for some economical & comfortable N95 mask.

Top five economical & breathable N95 masks

Top 1 (highly recommend):

Shining Star SS6001 N95 mask


Top 2 (highly recommend)

YICHITA YQD95 N95 mask


Top 3:

Sanqi 100GS surgical N95 mask


Top 4:

UNIAIR SH3500 N95 mask


Top 5:

Benehal MS8225 N95 mask