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Should we really stay away from masks with breathing valves?

Three issues are involved here:

  1. Who is wearing a mask to protect?
  2. Can a mask with an exhalation valve provide effective protection?
  3. Is it necessary to stay away from people wearing exhalation valve masks?

Short answer to the questions:

  1. Protect healthy people.
  2. As long as it is a qualified N95 mask, it can be effectively protected regardless of whether it has an exhalation valve.
  3. Protect yourself, there is no need for moral kidnapping.

Analysis: If you are a healthy adult, you can wear a mask with this kind of breathing valve. N95 masks with or without exhalation valve are not suitable for people with respiratory diseases. Children need to wear masks specially adapted for children. It is not recommended to wear N95 masks for children under 7 years old, even N95 masks with a special air valve design, because the breathing resistance will be too large, and the children are at risk of suffocation. If you are sick or suspect that you are sick, it is not recommended to wear a mask with a breathing valve. If you see a mask with a breathing valve, it is no different from seeing a person without a mask. As a person in the medical industry and related industries, science popularization and communication should be more objective and rational. For ordinary people, wearing a mask without a breathing valve has greater breathing resistance, which is more likely to cause breathing problems, insufficient air tightness, and a higher risk of infection.

If you can’t wear it, it’s basically the same as if you don’t wear a mask.