About RN95

Instocking LLC is a trustworthy and expanding professional N95 face mask supplier in the United State.

Why should we try to wear a high-level N95 mask?

The new coronavirus is mainly spread by droplets. N95 means that it can filter 95% of the particles in the air.

At present, there are many types of masks on the market, including industrial masks, medical masks, children’s masks, etc., no matter what kind of masks, at least N90 or more can effectively protect against viruses under the current circumstances.

If you are no longer in the epidemic area and cannot buy N95 masks, you can also buy N90.

If you are in an epidemic area, you must use medical-grade N95 masks. In addition to isolating droplets, they must have a certain antibacterial effect. Moreover, it is best to wear a cup-type mask. Masks that are not sealed on both sides are not safe in the epidemic area.

In short, as long as the standards are in place, you can wear an ordinary mask.